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I am a woman, 64 years of age and getting younger, and shapelier, through getting stronger.

Wellness on Wheels is absolutely the best thing I could have done for myself. I only wish I had begun weight training years ago! You would never guess that I am plagued with heart disease, spinal stenosis and osteo-arthritis. I am not only the strongest I have ever been, once again there is a spring to my step, I feel taller, safer, happier and proud of what I am able to do for my own physical and mental well-being, through Howard Radin’s training.

Of great importance to me – I can pick up my grandchildren, walk stairs without pulling myself up by the rail and rise from any seat without pushing or pulling myself up!

There is an unexpected bonus in training with Wellness on Wheels - the convenience for one who doesn’t like clubs or public gyms. The vehicle and equipment is in impeccable condition; I can even select music to work by that is tailored to my own preference, which happens to be classical.

Howard understands and respects the fear that comes from my having some disabilities and works me at a pace that definitely works for me! He’s well-versed in nutrition, diet and of course, how the body functions – from head to toe. I’ve learned and gained so much from him and, what is more, I love the process!

    Helen J. Ginsburg

I don’t know if I’m typical, but for years I have been on-again, off-again with my workouts, my weight and my overall fitness level. I knew what to do for weight training, since I had been to trainers in the past. But working with Howard Radin is exactly what I need to stay on track and get results. Howard is not only knowledgeable and personable, he is an honest, no-nonsense guy who will encourage you to work to your maximum potential. He provides you with insights and guidance for a healthy lifestyle, beyond just the weight training aspect. He holds me accountable and provides the incentive to measure the results and feel good about my progress. For anyone who wants to work hard, see results and develop healthy habits, working with Howard is the answer.

    Colleen A., Exec. V.P.

"Slave Driver! Yes, that’s why we love him! We know that we would never keep to our exercise schedule without Howard’s appearing at our door in his van at the appointed time to crack the whip! But here are the benefits:
  • You can eat like a pig! Well, almost. There is no question you can eat more, thanks to the muscle you build, which devours some calories on its own.
  • You save money, because you don’t fall down and break bones.
  • You can run up hills with the endurance you develop, keeping up with your children or grandchildren - well, almost!
  • Life’s frustrations will no longer get you down. You can take them out on Howard, instead of your family and others!

So come on - join up! We dare you!"

    Paul & Eula H.
    65 and 67 years old

In the past year we have been working with you, we have noticed that our bodies have gradually become stronger and more flexible in our daily lives. Since we are both "middle age", these changes do not happen overnight. Your knowledge of health and fitness is impressive and encourages us to change our bad habits.

The way you vary our workout routines takes the boredom out of each session and we enjoy listening to music while we pump iron! We look forward to our workouts and consider them one of the most important things we can do for ourselves!

    Kathy & Larry J.

For just over two years I have utilized the Wellness on Wheels service. In that time I have learned a great deal about fitness, proper exercise methods, and better nutrition. I have also become stronger, with vastly improved muscle tone and flexibility. One aspect of Howard’s coaching that I particularly appreciate is that while I have consistently increased the intensity of my workouts, more weight and different exercises, I have never experienced an injury. Howard has done an excellent job of pushing me to advance, but never allowing me to get into a situation that could result in a serious strain.

Last year I scheduled a reconstruction of my knee to fix a long-term chronic problem. Howard did an excellent job of working on my leg strength ahead of surgery. He then regularly communicated with my physician and physical therapist to make certain that my recovery was as quick as possible.

In my experience, Howard is a conscientious trainer, who takes a personal interest in the health and fitness of each of his clients.

    Gordon V. , President/Owner
    Metro Mortgage

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