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Celebrity Diet & Exercise
January 1998

"The Workout Winnebago"

If your excuse for not exercising is the very typical "I’m just too busy to get to the gym," then let the gym come to you!

While there are no plans to expand across the country just yet, those of us outside Denver can keep our fingers crossed that one day we, too, will be able to see the health club pull into our driveway!

Zenith Woman
June/July 1997

First Mobile Health Club Arrives in Denver

Radin believes that the people who need a fitness program are often those who don’t take time to go to a health club or even do it on their own at home. His programs are designed to provide focus and motivation, ensure that the time spent exercising is safe and effective and that individual needs and goals are met.

The services offered complement the busy lifestyle of the working professional, new mothers and older adults as well. The mobile gym is comfortable, private and temperature controlled.

Idea Personal Trainer
February, 1999

"Door-to-Door Fitness"

In January, 1997, tired of working with 20 other trainers in a health club environment and looking for a way to offer something unique in the competitive Denver, Colorado marketplace, Howard Radin set up Wellness On Wheels, a mobile strength training business. What better way to reach the deconditioned population and beat the "I don’t have time" excuse than to bring all the necessary equipment to clients’ own front doors!

American Fitness
September/October, 1997

Have Gear, Will Travel

What’s the most tired excuse people use for not exercising? You guessed it - lack of time. Wellness on Wheels is taking this excuse right to the street!

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